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ELATE, S.A, high technology electronics, is qualified and aware to provide an adequate response to the standards of quality, quickness and flexibility on delivery that the most demanding electronic European companies require. Currently, our 2.000 square meters facilities allow us to meet a demand of 30.000 square meters worth of circuit boards per year


With a production capacity of 30.000 square meters worth of circuit boards per year, ELATE, S.A, is qualified and aware to provide an adequate response to the standards of on-time delivery that the most demanding electronic European companies require.


Given the experience of the technical team, we can give answer to a wide range of products, from Double sided to complex multilayers boards.


ELATE, S.A has also shown a great concern in the specialized segment of prototype manufacturing, as well as short series and special and high technology printed circuit boards

The company is completely able to offer a quick and safe service with all the guarantees.

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    Our resources

    Newest technology for the manufacturing and testing of printed circuit boards

    TECHNICAL DPT (pre-production engineering)

    5 CAD-CAM working stations, that added to 2 laser photo-plotters Crescent from Barco fully automated, warrantee the checking of your files and create the production files immediately.


    The drilling and routing of the printed board are done on CNC machine, with the possibility of holes diameter Ø from 0.25 mm.


    Palladium based and horizontal direct plating with Neopact from Atotech, with the option of plating microvias.



    We have got the most modern resources to transfer the image by using dry film, with automatic centering machines and capability to define tracks from 80µ.



    A fully automated process operating 24 hours a day, the electrolytic thickness line has got the capability to meet the most demanding delivery time.


    Fully equipped with the newest technological advances, our chemical laboratory is responsible of the maintenance of an optimal quality level.



    Photosensitive materials (both solder mask and silkscreen) as to improve quality and rapidity




    We can apply various surface finishes, the most usual are HAL, immersion tin, ENIG (NiAu), Electrolytic Au, OSP.


    The checking of all the images of the printed circuit boards is done with an Accumatch optical test (AOI) with a working station UCAM from Barco Graphics.



    UNE/EN/ISO 9001:2000 nº 7446-e
    UL by Underwriter….
    Approval from the European Space Agency (in process of certification)
    Approval according to standards PECAL-4 Class 4 by INDRA EWS
    Qualification by Indra Sistemas for EFA project, in accordance to MIL-P-55110 and MIL-P-13949H requirements.
    Compliance to standards of production IEC and UNE


    Specialized and experienced in the circuit board manufacturer human team
    Financial needs study:
    Non-binding offers
    Study of panels for pick and place, scoring etc…
    Collaboration with clients for the design, engineering development, etc…
    Planning for production programmed
    Agreements subject to requirements:
    Ship to stock
    Single source contracts

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    Calle Garzas, 12
    Pol. Ind. El Cascajal
    28320 Pinto (Madrid)

    +34 91 692 31 51


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    Identidad: ELATE, S.A.
    NIF: A80063670
    Dir. Postal: Calle Garzas, 12 P.I. El Cascajal
    28320 Pinto (Madrid)
    Teléfono: 91 692 31 51
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    We are in

    Calle Garzas, 12
    Pol. Ind. El Cascajal
    28320 Pinto (Madrid)

    +34 91 692 31 51